Label Adhesive

Labels are an important aspect of product packaging and marketing. They provide information about the product and its manufacturer, as well as serving as a marketing tool. But have you ever wondered about the adhesive that holds the label in place? This is the secret behind the stickiness of labels. In this blog, we will […]

Label Direction

When it comes to labeling your products there are 2 ways to do it. You can hand place each label or use an automated labeling applicator, for the specific type of product you are labeling. For orientation selection, hand placed labels don’t require you to specify the direction as they can easily be rotated to […]

Custom Sizes, Shapes and Quantities – OH MY!

Published October 17, 2022 Hi Resellers! When it comes to your products labels, sometimes a unique shape or size is required. That’s okay! Did you know that we can acquire any die shape you’d like? It’s easy, and as always, our team is here to help. You’ll need to provide us with a PDF of […]