The pricing you see is our resale rate. I will explain some special notes on ordering below.

File Setup: 1) Please have a SPOT COLOR 100% magenta line on its own layer named DIE LINE

2) The artboard size must be .125 larger than the final label or sticker size in both the width and length.

Example: if you order a 2″ square the final artboard size should be 2.125 x 2.125 & for a 5×8 label the final artboard side should be 5.125 x 8.125.

3) Please watch your bleed and margins.

Bleed = extending any background images past the Die Line to allow for some extra room incase the die cutter path is shifts slightly. This is an industry standard and usually we can cut within tolerances of a few human hairs thicknesses.

Margin = is keeping all text or important images inside and away from the cut line by a distance of .0625″ or more.

4) Preferred file type is PDF * but remember to please expand and fill or outline all your fonts (embed them)